If you want to know what CPL is, then read here
I use Kenko CPL filter, with only $12 in price, while the price range is between $11 to $110, my filter is one of the cheapest, so don't expect a good results anyway.
So, here it is the results to show how CPL filters works.
CPL at full open, the lights from monitor coming to the lens unfiltered
CPL at completely block the lights from monitor, as you can see the light bounce from the keyboard also missing.
CPL at half open,
Tried the Fotga ND8 filter at Taman Safari Indonesia (check the better images at gallery), trying to get a soft water fall, but what i got is a blueish (color cast) pictures like this.
and this.
The filter is made by resin plastics, and the price is right, what you pay is what you get.
The blueish picture occured when i take the photos with very strong sunlight directly hit the filter surface, at those photos above was taken at 10am.
but i get a better results when used in the middle of the jungle, without direct sunlight to the filter (check the gallery).
Testing the Bracketing, using TV Bracketing, with 1/8 -> 1/30 -> 1/125 option.
1/30s, f/2.6, iso 80
1/8s, f/2.6, iso 80
1/125s, f/2.6, iso 80
HDR Image Results
"HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) was originally used in 3D and is now in full force in photography. Basically it's the process of taking multiple exposures and merging them together into a single 32 bit image."


Bracketing and HDR This is a simple way to do luminance bracketing, using Tv (Time value) priority, without any knowledge of scripts. It's a good option for in a hurry moments. Follow the recipe below:

  • CHDK navigation:
    • Press Alt to enter
    • Extra Photo Operations / Bracketing in continuous mode / Tv bracketing value: 2 Ev
    • Extra Photo Operations / Bracketing in continuous mode / Bracketing type: +/-
    • Press Alt to exit
  • +Remember to unhighlight clear Bracket Values on start to keep settings active
  • Canon navigation:
    • Put in Record Mode
    • Put the mode Dial to P or select the Manual mode on cameras without a mode dial, e.g. on the Ixus series
    • Press FUNC SET
    • Navigate to Drive Mode / C ustom
    • Press DISP
    • Choose Delay: 1
    • Choose Shots: 3
    • Press FUNC SET to exit
You are now ready to shoot.


check out the results in the next blog!
CHDK RAW Images 07/22/2010
One of the most usefull features in CHDK is RAW format, and this is the results.
Original JPG, darker.
RAW Format, converted by Irfan View JPG, brighter.
RAW Format, converted by CHDK builtin RAW Developer, much better.

RAW Format mode always save 2 images, RAW and JPG for thumbnail view, the RAW files size is about 9MB for 8MP sensor.
Hello World 07/22/2010
Some says, weebly is a bad blog site,
Some says, the tools is great,
but I said this is more than enough.
First Post! 07/22/2010
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